HTS Chapter Three: Skills and Career Paths That You can Follow

If you are reading this.

There is a good chance that you already have an idea of what tech skill to learn.

But there are some issues with picking a tech skill that is rarely addressed.

And I aim to do that with this chapter.

But even if you don’t know what tech skill to learn.

Or have already begun the journey of learning one.

Read on

You would find the lessons in this chapter very valuable.

Let’s go.

Categories of Tech Skills

Like many things in life.

There are different categories of tech skills, and they are

Code, Design, and Media.

Every tech skills fall under these three things.

I will talk about them in this article

But before I do that.

Let me make two things clear to you.

a) If you are good with traditional skills like Fashion Design, Shoemaking, etc don’t hurriedly abandon them for a tech career.

b) Building a profitable tech career takes time. There is no overnight success.

This is why I chose to talk about these two things first.

A lot of people let the hype around tech careers make them abandon lucrative things that they are naturally good at.

If you know how to make shoes, your major concern should be how to leverage technology to build a profitable career from it.

You can learn things like content marketing, social media marketing, and similar skills that would help you scale your brand online.

Traditional skills are still very important and lucrative.

The richest man in the world currently makes his money from Fashion.

Don’t jump into coding and leave your shoemaking just because you think coding will make you rich quick

That doesn’t mean you can’t do that. But know why you are switching and get the right motivation.

If 100% of the reason is that someone else is doing it then you may be setting yourself up for frustration.

Also like I said earlier, building a profitable tech career takes time and effort.

Don’t abandon a place where you are already progressing and start learning something else from scratch just because of the money.

Traditional skills will forever be lucrative.

Now with that said.

Let’s take a dive into the different skills.

Software Development

This is the most popular tech skill out there.

If you ask me to define what software development is in one word.

I will say that “It involves writing instructions for a computer to follow”

Developing software can be very empowering and it gives you literal superpowers.

Below are the subsets of Software Development explained in Car terms

  • Frontend Development – this involves writing software for the visible parts of digital products like a website. i.e the car color, shape, seat type, etc
  • Backend Development – this involves writing software for the invisible parts of digital products. i.e Car engine
  • Mobile Development – Frontend and Backend development deals mainly with Web products. With Mobile development, you can learn how to write Mobile Apps


Product Design

This is one of the most important tech skills.

The best products are the ones that a lot of thought was put into when it comes to designing it.

That is what makes the different between an App with basic features and one with features that makes them go viral.

The following are subsets of product design

  • User Interface (UI) Design:the focus of this type of product design is the looks and styling(Interface) behind a product.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: UX design involves designing every element that shapes the experience that people have with products, how it makes the user feel, and how easy it is for the user to achieve their desired tasks.

There are other product design careers like Industrial Design.


Content Development

This is the biggest entry point that most people have to tech.

Writing online is something that we all do in one form or the other.

If you are someone considering this, you need to move past the basics very fast and transition into any of the following.

  • Content Maketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Growth Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing etc


How To Choose

With this list of tech skills, you might be confused on how to start.

But my advice to you is this.

Take a look at them and start with the one that resonates the most with you.

Pick it and give it your 100% focus.

Review your progress after and while and know if it is something that you can continue in.

Please reviwing and making future choices may not work if you don’t commit.

So before you make any career changes, ensure that you have given the current one your all.

You can read my story in Chapter One for more understanding.

it is better you try something for three months and move to something else that would work.

Than spending one year jumping for skill to skill without being sure of which one to focus on.

Focus is your friend, especially in the early days.


How To Transition to Tech From Conventional Careers

If you are lawyer, banker, doctor etc who want to transition to a career in tech.

There are some things tha you need to consider.

Are you making the switch to advance your career

Or to try something different.

You need to first of all indentify why you are making the transition.

This will give you the right motivation to take the necessary steps.

Once that is done then you need to look for tansferable skills.

For example, if you are a departmental head in the bank where you work.

You might want to consider learning project managment.

If you are a lawyer you may consider a career in Blockchain development as it involves writing Smart Contracts.

If you are someone in the hospitality businesss, you may consider a career in UX Design.

No matter what conventional career you are involved in, you also need to take other necessary steps being taken by those building a tech career.

Things like networking, attending tech events, and using the right materials and processes.


The Builders Approach

A significant percentage of people who are transitioning to a career in tech do so because they want to build a digital product.

If you fall into this category.

You still need to ensure that you follow the best practices.

Also, be careful not to overwhelm yourself.

Learning a skill to build a product isn’t ideal in all circumstances.

You can do that for simple websites, landing pages, Apps etc

Or learn how to market your products via Ads or organic content.

But if you are building something more advanced.

Know when to partner up with someone who is already good at the skill that you need.



When considering building a Career in tech, understand that:

  •  It takes time and hardwork to start seeing monetary returns
  • You need to invest time to learn a particular skill, don’t jump from skill to skill
  • You need to get the right motivation for the career that you are building

In the next chapter, I will be addressing something very important.

How to find the right mentor.

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