On 2022: Finding Love, Building Systems and Overcoming Resistance

Happy New Year Friends.

It’s 4:26 pm as I type this.

That means we are already 16 hours into the first day of the year.

I am seated in the backyard of the house with a bowl filled with palm kernels sitting beside me.

After the Cross Over service last night, I left early this morning for the village.

For the culture.

The ambience has been great so far.

I have been able to successfully eat my share of the New Year goodies, not play Football and also gained some clarity of what I really need to do this year.

I didn’t plan to write this post.

I was spurred to write it because of something very important that happened to me this afternoon.

And I am sure that You are experiencing the same thing on one level or the other.

And this matter is best presented as two questions.

When does the New Year really start when it comes to your goals?

Are your goals for the Year something that you can really do today?

Or you are content to leave them for tomorrow or Monday.

Or whatever day that you have assigned to be your Day One for the Year.

And don’t get me wrong.

I am not here to shame you for taking a break.

Or look down on your decision to spend time with your Family.

These things are very important and it would be extremely foolish of me to talk down on them.

What I am driving towards here is the importance of clarity.

Those things that you have written down that you want to do this year.

Are they really what you want to do.

Or are you being pressured into them by someone or something?

The key to understanding where I am driving towards here is measuring excitement.

When you think of your goals for the year.

Do they excite you or fill you with dread.

Are they things you are happily looking forward to?

Or are you secretly relieved that today is New Year day.

Giving you a perfect excuse not to work on that thing.

I believe that the best state of mind you need to be in now when it comes to your goal is intense Joy.

I believe that you should be thinking of them so much today that you would need to remind yourself that today is a day of rest and celebration with Family.

I believe that despite the fact that today is New Year.

You should be so excited to steal some minutes or hours and work on an aspect of that goal.

Even if it means sneaking to the back of the house

Where the only company you have are chickens and unrepentant fireflies.

On Finding Love

One of the things that I just realized today is that I need to find love.

Not the kind of love that you were thinking of when you clicked on this post to read.

But a rekindled love for what I do.

And I am not saying that I don’t love what I do.

But it is easy to get to the point where you are just going through the motions.

Without operating with a full state of mind on why what you are doing matters.

Today is January 1st and I have gotten appreciation texts and even cash gifts from students.

And the messages went a long way in reminding me why what I do matters.

And while it might be hard for you to believe because of your perception of who I am.

My drive for what I do has greatly reduced over the past 18 months.

And even though I have gotten some immense results.

I know that I am not operating anywhere near my capacity.

That’s why one of my goals this year is to gain deeper clarity on the Importance of what I do.

Gaining a deeper love for it in the process

Because the more I love what I do, the more I can give to it.

Giving is a Proof of Love (John 3:16)

As for the other kind of love.

It’s not really a huge priority at this time.

But you never can tell what the year would bring.

Plans change.

Time will tell.

Building Systems

Systems are what powers everything significant in this life.

As you read this article, your respiratory system is pulling life-preserving oxygen into your lungs.

Your Heart and blood vessels are working overtime to get your blood filled with necessary nutrients and oxygen to the most remote parts of your body.

Systems are something that you need to take very importantly.

And if you have a problem with systems.

Read On

I have something for you at the end of this post.

I intend to take systems building seriously this year.

I would share more on the process that goes behind that as the days go by.

Overcoming Resistance

Steven Pressfield was the one that introduced me to the concept of resistance.

And it is best delivered in the form of Two News.

A Bad one and a Good One.

***Steven Pressfield is typing now***

The Bad News is This


The playing field that you, the aspiring artist, stand upon is not level. It is stacked against you.


Resistance (self-sabotage, procrastination, fear, arrogance, self-doubt) is inside you.

No one inflicts it on you from outside. You bring it with you from birth.


If you don’t believe me, look around at friends and family who have talent and ambition in spades … but are drinking, doping, abusing themselves and their loved ones, wasting their lives because they can’t get out of their own way and do the work they were put on this planet to do.

Trust me: you will NEVER, NEVER achieve your dreams until you learn to recognize, confront, and overcome that voice in your head that is your own Resistance.

Now The Good News


You’re not “wrong” if your head is your own worst enemy. You’re not “weak.” You’re not “sick.” Everybody experiences Resistance.

Resistance is an objective force of nature, as immutable as gravity.


There’s no magic bullet. No hack, no trick, no tip, no class, no degree.

But you, armed with the right knowledge and resolution, can acquire the self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-belief necessary to become a focused, mentally-tough working pro.

*** Ajulu Regains the Pen***

Reading this post

There might be a lot of emotions running through your mind.

Maybe you are not confident that you can achieve your goals for the year.

Or you are not sure that you are doing what you are meant to.

And don’t get me wrong.

Having these feelings does not automatically mean you have the wrong goal.

There might be something missing in the equation that you need to make everything work out.

It can be an accountability system (people or abstract)

It can be more clarity of why what you are building matters.

Or just a simple validation that what you are building matters.

Introducing The How To Start Conference.

I intend to run a conference on Zoom/ Mixlr from 4/5 to the 8th of this month.

It is going to be entirely Free.

And I am going to be dealing with everything that you need to get started.

Gaining the right mentality.

Finding the right mentors.

Fighting Resistance.

Using the right approach to what you are building etc.

The target is to help 3000 people start the New Year the right way.

I will give more details tomorrow in another post.

So watch out for that.

Writing this post has been exciting.

And I hope reading it has been the same for you.

One of my goals this year is to write at least one blog post a week.

By the look of things, I am off to a great start.

I also created a new goal today when I saw an Instagram post by Wisdom Matic.

I intend to save $500 every Sunday this year or $2000 a month.

I will work towards that and see what the end of the year will bring.

This is probably the first article that you are reading this year.

And I hope you get to read more.

Happy New Year again.

A Little Assignment on Conquering Resistance.

If this post helped you.

Take out two seconds of your time and share with your friends.

It can be as easy as reposting it on your WhatsApp status.

I am confident that people who read it would be grateful you did.

Don’t ponder much, just do it.

It’s a great exercise on conquering the resistance you face when its time to do things.

Thank you in advance.


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