How To Build A Brand On WhatsApp and Make A Lot Of Money From It.

65 Billion

That’s the number of messages being sent on WhatsApp every day.

From App ratings. WhatsApp is the app that has the least uninstall rate (6%) and it has been installed over 5 billion times.


Even though the population of the world is 7.5 Billion, only about 3.5 Billion of those people are online.

It is not everyone that uses WhatsApp, but Five Billion downloads are pretty impressive to me. It is one of the Apps with a solid pool of humans.

And that fact brings us to our topic for today.

How can you tap into that pool of humans and create some form of income for yourself?

You may be a casual user of WhatsApp or you may be a part of those people who are always online.

No matter which group that you fall into, I believe that you won’t mind making some sort of income from an App you use every day.

Even though it is free to use, you still buy data so that you can remain online.

And one thing I have learnt is that everyone secretly wants to make money on WhatsApp, even those who claim to just be there for fun or chats.

Right now as I write, there are numerous Million Money Ponzi groups growing on WhatsApp.

Participants either don’t believe or care that it is a Ponzi scheme. But like all Ponzi schemes, we know that this too shall pass.

It is not the first and it shall not be the last.

We have seen the era of Ultimate Cycler, Racksterly and even the almighty Loom.

And if you are reading this and believe in Million Money and what I said just angered you, you are free to close this Newsletter, unsubscribe and even delete my number if you are a part of my WhatsApp community.

However, if you are interested in learning sustainable ways of making money on social media platforms like WhatsApp today’s newsletter is for you.

If you care to know about strategies that do not involve typing long epistles about the next big thing or doing matchmaking like cupids from ancient Greek Mythology, read on.

I make money from WhatsApp and also teach people how to do the same

And I don’t make that money by participating in Ponzi Schemes or by making promises to people that I couldn’t keep.

I simply created what solved the problem of people and they paid to get the solution that I offered.

However, I didn’t start today.

You see, every legitimate and sustainable way of making money requires a process, any method of making money that promises you quick returns is most likely a scam.

You may not like to hear this, but making real money takes a process.

If you ignore the process because you feel that it is too long, then you would run around chasing short term methods till you even lose more time.

I know people who championed MMM in 2016, but they are still broke today and sit around looking for the next big thing.

If they have devoted that time frame to building something sustainable, they would have a business that would feed them for life.

You need to see social media platforms as more than just a place where you come to chat.

Even if you are not doing business on it, post content that would make people see you in the right light.

Network effects are real and what you do well now can set the right foundation for your future.

My Boss, Bitcoin Chief grew a solid brand on Instagram and WhatsApp and he has leveraged that brand to set up one of the biggest Blockchain Brands to ever come out of Africa.

And you too can achieve something great like this; the formula for doing this is below, It is what Bitcoin Chief used, I know other people using this model and I am using it too:

1) Build an Audience.

2) Find a Problem.

3) Sell a Service.

4) Deliver a Result.

5) Build a Product.

Building an Audience on WhatsApp boils down to one thing.

Providing Value.

WhatsApp is a closed platform (only your contacts can see what you post on your status), so for you to grow your audience on WhatsApp, you need to give value.

People need to be able to share your links to friends, family or contacts confidently because they know it is worth it.

Before I started building my brand on WhatsApp I had just 88 views, but it grew to 700+ over the space of 16 months.

Yesterday Bitcoin Chief shared my link on his Status and as of the time of writing this, over 300 people have joined my audience from that referral.

Apart from that, I get requests from people every day to store their contact so that they can view my status.

It is either a friend or a family member that told them about the value they get from my status and they always want to get it first hand.

The key to building an audience is by providing them with content.

People are facing different problems and if you create content that solves that problem, they will listen to you.

Once you create valuable content long enough and interact with your audience, you will come to find out what they are struggling with.

At this point selling them, a solution would be easier.

This is why it is important to talk about only things that you are good at. Once people are confident that you can deliver, then you have succeeded in building authority.

The major thing is making sure that you can actually provide the solution that you are offering.

It is even better to outsource the solution to an expert and get a commission than to charge people and not deliver.

The only thing that you have succeeded in doing is killing your brand.

It is the results that you deliver that would make the next stage of your brand building possible.

Bitcoin Chief was able to get to the stage of building a group of products that have become ABiTNetwork today because people have come to trust him.

He has a track record of delivering results and does what he says he would do.

I have been consulting for businesses and also running classes for people on WhatsApp since January 2019 and this is because I have built a brand that makes people confident in what I can provide.

And I know the best way to provide value for people because I have created content for them and listened to their problems over time.

I would be honest, building a brand on WhatsApp is not easy. And 60% of the difficulty comes from not knowing how to approach it.

The remaining 40% comes from doubts and the fear of “What would people say or think”.

This might be what is holding you back. You are concerned about the opinion of others and how they would see you.

The truth however is that your bills don’t care.

You would always need to pay for data whenever it finishes, and a host of other things that you always need to pay for as a human being.

If you are too shy or proud to sell online, then you would never make money from the internet.

Most people spend their time and energy on social media promoting everything but themselves.


The movie series that they love, the football team that they support and the celebrities that they believe are doing well.

They say selling online is hard, but they keep doing things that put money in the pockets of other people while gladly sponsoring the advertisement with their data.

Social media for some people is summed into five words. Wasted time, energy and money.

You spend hours of your day on WhatsApp, why can’t you figure out a way to earn from it?

You can learn more about earning from the Internet by taking the free five days How To Start Email Course.

You can signup for it here: How To Start

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  1. This really touched me in a deep way and I want to be serious about making money on the internet. Thanks Ajulu!

  2. Thanks boss Ajulu , meeting you at crypto pizza hangout @Enugu was a turn around, can’t wait to be a student some day, I promise my self, pls I wish to learn the five days of learning income from internet

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4 Responses

  1. This really touched me in a deep way and I want to be serious about making money on the internet. Thanks Ajulu!

  2. Thanks boss Ajulu , meeting you at crypto pizza hangout @Enugu was a turn around, can’t wait to be a student some day, I promise my self, pls I wish to learn the five days of learning income from internet

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