Hello, I 'm Ajulu

I teach people how to use content and community to earn customers and clients.

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You are in Good Company

Ajulu is one of the most prolific teachers I have come accross. A mentor and coach I recommend to everyone who is intentional about their personal development and career growth

Obinna Iwuno

Founder, Crypto Bootcamp

My brand is all it is, mostly because I learnt from Ajulu what is takes to consistently build. His 100 Days of design inspired me to start my 100 Days of Copywriting which I’m famous for, I’m proof that the systems that he teaches work. Aj is a genius, that I’m sure.

Kendra Okpara


About Me

Here are some notable things about me.

Chief Operations Officer At ABiTNetwork

Creator Of The Day One Community and Community Marketing Expert

Speaker at Major Company and Online Events