On Driving Sales: How To Clone Yourself With Content.

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Before you go on and narrate how you ordered a shoe from Jumia or Instagram that never arrived.

Or how you invested in something that went south.

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We all have one thing or another that we are selling.

It can be a brand, personal or corporate.

The key to selling that thing on the Internet is content.

When it comes to selling on the Internet, some people still use old sales tactics.

These tactics annoy more than they convince.

Before the Internet, one of the ways people sold what they had to offer was to go door to door.

Door to Door salesmen went to people houses in a bid to find who might be interested in what they had to offer.

It worked then but was limited.

The salesman had to be there in person in order to explain and make the person see the value of what he/she was offering.

This means that reach was always limited.

However, the Internet has provided an infrastructure that people who sell can use to make their voice heard in multiple places at the same time.

Old Wine, New Wineskin.

Attention is the currency of the Internet.

There are over 4.5 Billion people online.

That’s a lot of eyes.

Capturing even less than 0.001% of that figure can do great wonders for your brand.

On social media, we see a huge clamour for the attention of people.

But how do you actually get people’s attention?

What do you need to say or do to make them look your way?

The answer to this is quite simple, but surprisingly a lot of people fail to realise it.

You need to create content.

But most importantly, you need to know the kind of content to create and how to deliver it to the place where the eyes and ears of people are.

A lot of people are good at content creation, but they lack an understanding on the kind of content to create and also how to deliver it.

Some make the mistake of using the old form of getting attention.

Door to Door.

So they spam peoples inboxes on both social media and email, all in a bid to get them to bite.

Unsolicited sales messages can be very annoying for most people.

And using it can create a negative perception for your brand.

This method is even less effective than a door to door salesman.

Spamming people’s inbox is like a Door to Door Salesman going to people’s houses just to throw fliers in through the window.

Now back to my Sales Man analogy.

I see people sending dm’s to others all in a bid to sell them something.

Sending DM’s and creating conversations before pitching works.

If you use that method, you would waste a lot of time daily and not everyone would buy.

There is a better way

The Science Of Sales

Cloning yourself with content is the best way.

You want people messaging you to buy what you are offering instead of you chasing them.

To make money on the Internet, you need something to sell and a way to receive payment.

Selling anything with content takes two steps.

  • Find a product that meet needs.
  • Create content that points out the problem that you are trying to solve.

And you have to go beyond pointing out the problem, your content should give people a sense of direction.

Most people make the mistake of leaving all the good stuff behind a paywall.

You need to create content that is so helpful that even people who can’t buy would still benefit from it.

For example, there are people who have never bought any of my courses that thank me for my content because it is resourceful.

Just like God, your words should be You.

When someone reads what you write, it should be as if you are there in the room with them, saying those words to them.

Helpful content is the way you would win on a noisy internet.

When you provide helpful content consistently, your words would get to places where you never can.

This will free you up to focus your time on other important things.

People who want to buy will be reaching out to you or making use of your payment links instead of the other way around.

You would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you fail to learn how to clone yourself with content.

It’s an important skill to learn, especially on social media.

Are you still operating with a Door To Door Salesman mentality on WhatsApp?

I will advise you to take advantage of my upcoming WhatsApp Domination course.

It has been taken by over 270 people.

My student who dedicate themselves to building their WhatsApp brand earn from 20,000 to over 500,000 monthly.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a product currently, you would be learning about how to find something to sell.

It can be a product or service.

You can get the course at a huge discount here: Get WhatsApp Domination

However, whether your platform of choice for building a brand is WhatsApp or not.

By now you should have realized the best approach that you need to take.

Good luck as you work on cloning yourself with Content.

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