Vision 2022: Skills, Community and Wealth

The year 2021 has been very eventful for me in terms of the things that I am building.

Especially the last two quarters.

The first two quarters of the year was mostly a building phase, there were times that I wondered if anything was working.

But as the year went by, the results started catching up with my actions.

I have been able to see significant returns in different aspects of my life and that is something that I am grateful to God for.

I have also been strengthened and empowered for the road ahead and know that it can only be Ever Upward from here.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a member of my community on Whatsapp.

I believe that there are one or two things that you have been able to learn from me.

You have most likely even bought one or all of my courses.

The Internet changed my life.

I started paying attention to it in the year 2011 and it has served as a significant catalyst for the growth that I am experiencing today.

I have also been able to create courses and guides that have helped thousands of people gain access to the principles and strategies that helped me.

Like I always say, the internet gave us democracy of information alongside a digital economy that rewards anyone that creates value on it.

No matter who you are or where you are from, the internet has the ability to change your life like it did mine.

There are people who believe that they have to get to a certain age before they can be rich or become a millionaire.

But all around me, I see 12, 14, 16, 18 years olds who have been able to create significant wealth for themselves by leveraging the Internet.

It’s not about how old you are, or what you studied in school.

Let’s do a quick fifteen seconds exercise.

Close your eyes right now and call out 10 famous people that you know.

They can be in any field or come from any country.

Just close your eyes right now and count 10 famous people that you know.

Imagination Loading

Welcome back.

Out of those 10 people that you listed.

How many of them studied what they are known for in school.

I believe that it would be less than three of them.

Your list most likely included majorly Artists, Actors/Actresses and Sportsmen/women.

That should tell you something.

You have innate talents and skills that you can leverage to create a great life for yourself.

It mustn’t be what you studied in school that would make you great.

I chose to highlight this, not because I don’t believe that school is important.

But as a wake-up call to those who choose to plan their life around things they have no control of.

Covid, JAMB, ASSU and NYSC has made a lot of people waste precious years.

They use school and all sorts of traditional institutions as excuses not to live a life that would see them experience tremendous growth.

I made my First Million in Year Two.

I studied Banking and Finance and didn’t wait to graduate and start working in a bank before I started creating wealth for myself.

Many people working in Banks would have to work for a year plus before they earn a million.

But I was able to do it in four months by leveraging the Internet.

No one on the Internet asked for my certificate.

So no matter who you are or where you are from, if you choose to provide value on the Internet, you will win.

The Internet doesn’t care if you are 11 years old, have three legs or four eyes.

As long as you create value, you will win.

Now to 2022 plans.

The Day One DAO

If you are someone that pays attention to my status updates, you would have seen me talk about Day One or DAO’s

If you are hearing it for the first time, DAO means Decentralized Autonomous Organisation.

its a kind of organization that involves shared ownership as opposed to that which is owned by a few people.

Currently, the Day One DAO is only open to those who have bought my Web3 focused courses.

And it would remain so forever. The only way to gain access to the DAO is to be my student.

However, there are changes that are coming.

Instead of creating courses across different skill sets just because I can.

I have decided to find Mentors who are very skilled in various areas and get them to be a part of the DAO.

So from next year, the Day One DAO would not just be an Ajulu thing, but something powered by different people in tech who are also great at what they do.

I would be unveiling them by January next year.

The compound interest of knowledge and community will go a long way in providing the greatest value for every member of the DAO.

You can still join now by buying either the NFT Money Guide or the Online Writing guide now they are more affordable.

Or wait till next year to buy other upcoming courses from other mentors that you would no doubt be Interested in.

There would be Web3 focused courses for things like Product Design and Software Development.

There are a lot of activities that would be going on in the DAO like earning from NFT games, physical meetups within and outside the country and etc.

More information on that would come later.

Day One Scholarship

I have gotten several messages from people who want to buy my courses but don’t have the funds.

I have decided to start a Scholarship program.

Starting from January, 3 people would be given a 100% Scholarship.

Not all courses would be eligible for scholarships.

Scholarships would be given monthly and the number of recipients would increase with time.

The first condition would be that you have taken the Free Five Day Course on my website.

So signup for the course now if you are yet to: How To Start

Make sure you follow all instructions on the signup page.

Further instructions on courses that you can get scholarships for and how to qualify will come via the Day One Newsletter.

Once you register for the course, your email address will be added to the Newsletter Recipients automatically.

People who have taken the five-day course don’t need to register again, your email is already saved.

The Five Day course contains the Fundamental knowledge that you need to start building a solid online career for yourself.


My community has always been my biggest strength since my Day One on the Internet.

Even though we live on rented land on social media, I believe that we can still build something amazing for ourselves there.

My WhatsApp community has been a huge backbone for my success since 2018.

While WhatsApp is widely used, it is still a niche platform when it comes to attention.

That’s why I have decided to finally start making significant efforts to grow my brand on Twitter also.

Twitter has played a significant part in my growth this year, it helped me discover NFTs and all the amazing things that come with them.

This is something that I would love to replicate for others.

You can follow me on Twitter with the link below. Ensure that you have a VPN installed if you are in Nigeria.

I recommend ProtonVPN. I use it for my Smartphone and Laptop.

The free tier is more than enough to meet your needs.

Follow me on Twitter: 👉🏾 Ajulu

Remember to turn on notifications so that you will always stay in the loop.

That would be all for now.

No matter who you are, there is at least one call to action for you in this article.

Make sure that you follow through.

Have a great weekend. 💜

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