On 2024 : Building Mastery and Finding Doorways

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Ancient fishermen offer one of the best lessons on doorways.

They learned to sail where the warm water meets the cold.

The little fish will reach the edge of the warm water and they will stop,

And the big fish would come out of the cold water and they would eat them.

As for the fishermen, they caught everybody.

The year 2024 is one that I have given a lot of thought,

Way before it came around.

I had grand plans of how I wanted to year to go and the things that I wanted to do.

But after a bit of honest introspection, I found out that I was being drawn into familiar patterns.

One that made me set some unrealistic goals.

These goals were not unrealistic because I could not achieve them.

They were unrealistic because they didn’t give me the best fuel to power my purpose.

So even though I achieve those things, they won’t matter in the long run.

The Year Of Wisdom

The first thing that I am devoting myself to this year is building Mastery.

I want to learn and build until there is no doubt about what I have to offer in my chosen field/work.

And I will urge you to also check yourself.

Are you the real deal or are you riding the wave of past glory?

As long as you are not proud, you will do this assessment accurately.

One thing that I know is that we all have a level of mastery to build in one or more areas.

And there is one thing that I learned that I would try hard to practice this year.

It is called a “Wisdom Fast”

This is where you get the best materials on a topic and devote days/weeks to studying them without distractions.

As you do this deep study,

All misconceptions and wrong insights that you have around that topic disappear.

Social media as always is the greatest distraction.

I plan to build Superday and Day One in public this year ( WhatsApp, LinkedIn + Twitter)

But I have a longer timeframe in mind for the wisdom fast (14-21 days),

I am looking for the best way to balance things.

Also, building Mastery involves doing the hard thing.

The truth is that you already know all the things that you need to do to achieve success.

The main work is getting yourself to do them.

But one thing that I have learned is that the first step is always the steepest.

Once you get going and build momentum,

You become more consistent and even enjoy doing those hard things.

Finding Doorways

I started this article with a story of how fishermen apply the doorway principle.

The most interesting things happen in doorways.

At the border, right along the edges.

So you need to find doorways that you can exploit this year.

The Internet, Blockchain, AI

These are some of the doorways that exist.

And no, you don’t have to jump on the shiny new things.

Sometimes doorways can be found in using new approaches to things.

Or thinking about the problems that you want to solve differently.

It was this approach that helped me discover what I call tier-two problems.

Let’s say that someone wants to build a website for their business.

The popular tier-one problem for this is a lack of money.

But there is a tier-two problem there.

The person might not be seeing how a website helps them increase sales.

So if you build websites for businesses,

How can you position yourself better?

You learn how to build websites that convert.

Sumit Hegde is a master of this in case you want to explore that area.

If you think hard,

You would find the tier-two problems in your field

And solve them to increase your sales.

2024 Projects

There are some projects that I can’t share publicly yet.

Below are some that are public

Refreshing Day One

Day One is a holding company that I set up to house my different online businesses.

You can see it as a startup studio that releases products.

The focus is community-driven products.

The products that are currently live are:

Superday: accountability app for online recorded courses.

Sound Money: A community for part-time Forex traders that provides them with free trading signals.

When I say refresh, I am talking about the brand identity.

It is currently in progress and will be out soon.

I would also set up a website for it.

I will be launching two more brands under Day One this year.

The first is Sambascore (Shortform football media) and also another brand that would be anonymous.

I would work full-time on Superday and hire operators to run the other brands based on my directions.

Newsletter and Blog

I will write a lot this year.

I would be publishing a weekly Newsletter and also writing here.

These are the topics that I will be writing on.

Faith, personal development, community-driven products, building a tech career, Lucartive online business models.

If you are interested in any of these topics.

Subscribe to the Day One Newsletter with the link below.

Day One Newsletter

Remember to drag the newsletter to your primary folder if you use Gmail.

This will ensure that you get my emails in your direct inbox.

Or you can just reply to my welcome mail.

It also works.

That’s all for this flagship post.

Have an amazing 2024.

12 Responses

  1. My favorite part of this post is “wisdom fast”—the first steep step of building mastery.

    The second is gaining enough momentum to achieve escape velocity—doing the dirty work until you become so consistent at it that you enjoy it.

    Consistency is one of my mandates for year 2024. So thank you, Ajulu, for this reminder.

  2. Thank you Ajulu for this, may God give you wisdom and strength to do more. It takes a lot of integrity and wisdom to share your goal in the public so people can hold you accountable. I have used superday app thumbs up

  3. Thank you Ajulu for this, it’s came just at the right time

    My biggest goal this year is getting into my professional flow and to do that I must do hard things. In Munachimso word ” gaining enough momentum to achieve escape velocity—doing the dirty work until you become so consistent at it that you enjoy it. “

  4. It’s amazing how I have same goals with yours.

    This article is actually for me as goals is to invest in wisdom, commit to development and build solutions around my abilities.
    I am now more enlightened on how I can go about them.

    Thank you for always being a vessel of clarity.
    God bless you sir Ajulu.

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