On 2023: Big Ideas and Community Driven Projects

My first contact with the Internet was via social media.

in 2011, a friend helped me sign up for the 2Go social networking platform.

I was very fascinated by the fact that I could Interact with people all over the world easily.

That contact opened my eyes to the possibilities of the Internet.

I dove deep into the 2Go platform.

My major concern was exploring all that it had to offer.

Most of my mates only concerned themselves with ranking high on the star chart.

I saw a lot of them create multiple accounts and get to the highest star level.

It was something to brag about then.

I had just one account and my highest ranking till the end was ” professional”

I created my Facebook account some years later and continued my exploration.

Now 12 years later, I look back and see the different ways my actions in those early days set me up for what I am doing currently.

There are a few things that I would be paying more attention to this year and I would talk about them.

If you are building anything that falls under these things, send me a WhatsApp message.


Writing/Building in Public 

Some weeks back, I made a post about Superday

It is one of the end products of my online brand as a teacher.

The goal is to power and build online schools that focuses more on student welfare.

As I said in the article. Learning was brought online, but most of the things that made offline learning effective weren’t

My vision for Superday is to power online schools that cater to the growth and success of students.

For a long time, a lot of people have felt that laziness and indiscipline were why people didn’t finish online courses.

After testing and researching different online learning formats and processes, I have a different opinion.

Online learners don’t just need quality content, they need quality orientation, accountability, and money-making systems.

I would be exploring that with Superday this year.

You can read the launch post for more details.

I would also be writing in public this year.

I have a goal of publishing at least four books this year.

For each book, I will be publishing each chapter on my blog and compiling them into one book once I am done.

I will be sharing details about the first book in my Newsletter this Saturday.

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Community Driven Brands

Online communities were one of the first things I loved about the Internet.

And I have been building and playing a role in online communities for years now.

I talked about Superday earlier, I am building it with a community-driven approach.

There are sub-niches under community-driven brands that I chose to focus on.

They are :

  • Audience First Products
  • Direct to Consumer (DTC)
  • Marketplaces


Audience First Products: the conventional way of building products goes like this.

a) Mr. A gets a product idea

b) He does his research and finds ways to build it.

c) He starts marketing it to potential customers.

This approach has worked for years, but it has its shortcomings.

A major one is building something that no one needs.

There are a lot of amazing products that died because people didn’t believe it was worth paying for.

But with the Audience first approach, Mr. A can be sure that people would pay for his product before even creating it.

I use this method to sell my online courses.

I collect payment from the first batch of students (pre-order) before even creating the course.

I would be exploring this approach deeper this year and also aim to build a platform business around it.


Direct To Consumer: this is a sales model where producers sell directly to consumers without the use of MiddleMen.

The rise of social media has led to the explosion of DTC.

People now buy products directly from Instagram/WhatsApp/Facebook.

I will be doing more reading and research into DTC this year.


Marketplaces: these are platforms where buyers and sellers meet.

There are three types

  • B2B – Business to Business
  • B2C – Business to Consumers
  • P2P – Peer to Peer

I am building two platforms that would eventually integrate a form of these models so I paying more attention to them.


Online Education

As someone who has been teaching online for seven years.

I have come to know a lot about online education.

My goal is to build tools and systems that make it a much better experience for all.

I have talked about Superday a lot about Superday

This post contains further insight.


Diaspora Communities

1 out of every 4 black people outside Nigeria is a Nigerian.

We have Nigerians scattered across every continent that you can think of.

A huge majority of these people left to search for greener pastures, but there is still a lot of value that they can bring to both themselves and their fellow Nigerians.

I have some diaspora initiatives that I would love to work on.

Reach me on WhatsApp if you are building something related and would love to collaborate.

Nigerians in the diaspora can reach out too.



I have had an interest in building something gaming related for over three years now.

Right now, I have some ideas on how I can make my entry into the gaming Industry.

But I am always on the lookout for my Silver bullet.

If you are a Game Developer or building something gaming related.

Kindly send me a message on WhatsApp so that we can chat.


With that said, I would be writing a lot this year.

Topics include self development, business growth, and community marketing

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Also, I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

What are your thoughts on the points that I made in this post?

Are you building around something similar?

Scroll down and share in the comment box.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. good afternoon sir
    i am working on a project

    is a commercial kitchen where i will be the chef (male). and also all the chef will be MALE. and we will always display all our food online.

    I love what you are building you have been of help to me.

  2. Nice one Ajulu I am currently building an online social media followership platform it on the beta stage though with fewer users followmax.org.

    The platform is designed to help boost people’s followership across all social media platforms.

    It is a community-driven platform with various sections of people capturing their interest so I can help people connect with the right audience that may be interested in their products or services.

    As I said it’s still in beta phase we are yet to implement most of the features but we are getting started with what we have on ground already.

    Nice article 👍

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