Interview With Someh Crypto: Building a Solid Personal and Business Brand in the Cryptocurrency Space.

Felbeth Interview

This is the Another Episode of the Builder’s Digest Founder interview series.

It is a weekly series where I Interview Founders building community-driven products.

My guest for this week is Someh Crypto, a Crypto Influencer and Content Creator

This is her Story.

Hello Someh! Who are you and what are you currently working on?

My name is Someh. I am known as Someh Crypto, I am the founder of Felbeth.

I am a Crypto Influencer and Content Creator.

Felbeth is a social financial platform which focuses on education and driving social Interaction through online and offline engagement through courses, events and community Interaction

What’s your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

 I came into the space as a trader and then I started influencing. I initially was a lifestyle influencer.

I started posting my charts and tips and people started getting interested.

And that’s how I came to Twitter where I found out that there was no offline activity for traders and there was very little awareness and adoption, unlike in Dubai where most crypto events are held.

I came up with the narrative that you can be a great trader and a great person but if you’re just doing it for yourself, there won’t be any adoption.

So I’m focused on changing the narrative and driving adoption in Africa.

I think that’s the phase I’m at now. To drive crypto adoption.

How did you go from idea to product?

Basically, it’s implementation, I just implemented the plans I had and I already knew what I was going to do.

I didn’t even look back, cause most people were skeptical about the blockchain space.

So I didn’t just come out.

I had first done it as a personal brand before I came out as FELBETH, so the Someh brand has already participated in different things relating to what FELBETH is doing, so now FELBETH is the sole company that handles all these things not just Someh.

I just implemented my plans under FELBETH.

Because I worked with other big brands and I’ve had the rub-off of other big brands.

It’s not like I’m new or I don’t know where to start.

Which were your marketing strategies to grow your business?

Most of my marketing strategies are mostly social media apps where young people are.

Because the target market and audience are still young people.

I can’t be running tv ads because you can count how many young people watch tv and look up at billboards.

But everybody is on social media, everybody wants to know what’s up.

Nobody wants to feel left out. Then you have that schools in Nigeria are on strike, there’s nothing to do, there’s no job.

So yeah, social media was like our major marketing push.

How have you achieved so far and what are your goals for the future?

We’ve really achieved so much, in the sense that, even though we’ve just launched, we’ve had consultations for things like events, because most people are clueless about these things.

And then you come up and say you have, like a footprint of how to do this.

So I think Someh as a brand has faced that and now FELBETH as a brand is coming open and we have so much planned for the future and we plan to include both the web2.

Even our Twitter spaces for the community would be web 2 inclusive.

We’re going to be having big names, and celebrities that hold cryptos or NFTs, crypto influencers, newbies, everybody.

FELBETH is planning for everybody, nobody is going to be left out.

That’s the future plan, we want inclusion.

FELBETH is here to drive inclusion and awareness.

Since starting Felbeth, what have been your main lessons?

Well, I can’t really say for now.

Cause we’re at the starting stage and things are really going well now, but then I know, after this starting buzz, the second phase we’re going to face would be where most of the issues will start arising.

So for now, I can’t really say on any major lessons I have faced, except I’m speaking as Someh, and that’s not the question so. I can also add to that. Before starting this I didn’t really think it was much of a problem.

It was after starting FELBETH that I knew that there was no ‘off social media’ interaction, everything just does the normal basic things.

Everybody wants to start an academy, but nobody is thinking, after the online courses what next, how do you still keep them in an educative and entertaining way in the space.

Because if you just want to onboard newbies, you teach them crypto, what then keeps them in the space?

Because if they don’t get to love the game and love the process and love the space, they won’t be retained.

So FELBETH is a way of inducing the web 2 life in web 3, with your web 3 friends.

So all these friends most people have on Twitter, that you just earned on spaces, you get to meet them offline too.

So I didn’t really think It was really much of a problem, till now.

If someone wanted to start learning how to trade the financial markets today what would be your number one advice to him/her?

My first advice to anyone I always talk to is that your goal or mission is to limit the mentality of making quick money.

You need to fall in love with the process.

If you do, the outcome will definitely come. If you fall in love with getting knowledge, with learning, the outcome will definitely come.

But then, if you want to rush these things, I’m sorry you’re going to get burnt. It’s not easy over here.

Nobody had it easy. Trading in the financial market is tedious.

Especially when you’re just coming in. It might sound like gibberish, but then if you give it time, be ready to put in the work, join communities, make friends in the space, and have your own tribe in the space.

Know what works for you, If it’s trading or holding cryptos, trading forex, or flipping Nfts, that’s okay and fine.

Don’t say because someone else is making it in his lane you’d want to jump ships.

Focus on one, niche down to one, once you’ve held down one very well, you can now spread your wings and fly.

I started as a trader, from forex,  before crypto.

So I finally niched down on crypto and entered the space, so you need to find what works for you.

The skills I learned in forex are still what I use to trade crypto now, three years later.

You have to learn one first, when you niche down on one, then the rest will be like an addition.

What were the biggest obstacles you overcame? What were your worst mistakes?

I think my biggest obstacle was that I came in as a girl.

So it wasn’t as easy as most males would have had it, in the sense that people I approached back then to teach me crypto or forex, nobody wanted to teach me because they thought I was joking, everybody thought I was a joke, till it worked.

So it was really hard, it was not easy for me coming in, but I knew what I was doing and I was good at what I was doing so I just kept on fighting for it.

That was my greatest obstacle. Then loses, overcoming loses.

There was a time I had PTSD with trading. I couldn’t even look at charts and not get scared. It was just a whole lot, but then I overcame all those obstacles and thank God we’re still here.

Then, my biggest mistake. In trading, would be greed, and over-leveraging.

There was a period I really needed money for something and I thought I could make it all in a week, I ended up blowing an account I was compounding for almost two months, I  blew it up in a day, in less than six hours.

I think that was one of my biggest mistakes.

What tools & resources do you recommend?

If you’re talking about trading or in the crypto space, you should be on Twitter.

Sieve your Twitter followers. You should be following people that are posting educated things.

Whatever field you are in, look for the top people in that field and be following them.

You should be stalking them, you should make them your mentors by force.

I tell people that you don’t need anybody’s permission for them to be your mentor.

Steal their knowledge and go.

Take their reasonable posts. Turn on their notifications on all apps. But I think Twitter should be your guide.

Where can we go to learn more about You? 

So to know more about me you can follow me on all my social media platforms, @Somehcrypto.eth for my personal brand on Twitter.

Then @FELBETH_. on Twitter.

Our website is

Thanks for hearing my story.

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