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Jeffery Bezos

I started learning the business of blogging in 2012.

My mentor then was Jon Morrow and he served as a significant pillar for who I am today.

Jon’s content was great and gave me a lot of help regarding the foundational side of things.

But there were areas where I struggled with implementation and had to do some trial and error.

The online culture in America and Europe is very different from that of Africa.

So while a strategy might work when building for or selling to Americans, it might not work that way for Africans.

And the solution to this problem is coming at a very slow pace.

Very few of our successful entrepreneurs share what works for them.

Entrepreneurs outside Africa are more open to blogging about how they were able to grow their businesses.

The ones who don’t blog write books or record podcasts.

There is always an abundance of information as to how Foreigners build different kinds of businesses.

But we can’t say the same for Africans.

And there is one thing that I have noticed as someone who has been immersed in the African entrepreneurship space for years now.

We are always quick to copy successful business models from abroad.

But some of these ventures end up failing because certain things that made them successful abroad do not work here.

So despite the fact that content about the building is abundant on the Internet, we struggle with Implementation in certain areas.

As someone who specializes in business structure and growth, I have been able to get a lot of insights into what works here.

Paired with also knowing where to look when it comes to growth principles for the Nigerian market.

Let me give an example with the Story of how Onga penetrated the Nigerian Market.

The Story Of Onga

Onga has grown to become one of our favourite food seasonings in Nigeria.

Their penetration into the Nigerian market is one that came as a surprise to many.

But it was engineered. By Mr Charles Iloegbunam

He was the same person who helped Cowbell Milk break into the Nigeria Market and Overthrow Peak Milk as number one.

Onga made a debut in Nigeria, but a kicker was needed.

Incumbents like Aji-no-moto and Maggi were the favourites.

After much study, a unique style of Influencer Marketing was adopted by Onga.

But these were not the type of Influencers that you have come to know today.

Mr Charles went for the target market themselves.


With his strategy, Onga targeted Igbo Women coming back to the East for August Meeting.

The August Meeting is a three-day annual congress held by Igbo women.

The homecoming during the August Meeting then was usually massive.

These women deliberated with their local counterparts on topics like human development and socio-economic initiatives.

Since there was cooking involved, Onga sponsored different meetings and made sure that their seasoning was used.

Many of the women loved Onga and after the August Meeting demand for Onga surged all over the nation as the women got back to their states of residence.

Apart from the marketing genius here, this is another vital lesson in product positioning.

Many people spend all their time creating amazing products with little thought to how they would be marketed.

Growth and Sales need to be baked into your product from the very beginning.

They are not something that you should bring in as an afterthought.

You may not know how to do that, but thankfully you have access to someone who does.

The August Meeting strategy was unique and was a great match for the Nigerian market.

Thought out by someone who went beyond low hanging strategies.

These are the strategies that you should expect from Chasing Jeff Bezos.


What is Chasing Jeff Bezos?

Run with me, I am Chasing Jeff Bezos

I founded a Startup last month. (Superday)

It’s online education focused (will write about it soon).

Over the past year, I had done all sorts of research to validate what I wanted to build.

Apart from the widespread methods used to validate a product, I had to do some sort of local research to ensure that what I was creating was needed.

After I was done with validation, I got a Co-Founder and we got to work.

The first version of the App is almost ready, once it is done we launch the Alpha program (filled already).

The Beta program would see us admit more people to use the App and we move from there.

However, I made a decision to build Superday in public.

That means I wanted to give a step by step exposition on what we were building and why we were taking certain approaches.

Some days later, I realized something.

Building in public helps, but there is a way to even do something even better.

I can build a community of builders who are also building the same way I am.

There are different  types of questions that you can answer with content (blog posts, guides etc)

  • What – actions being taken.
  • Why – reasons why it is being taken.
  • How – ways anyone can replicate the same results.
  • When – the timing of actions.

Most content and even people I see who build in public mostly answer the What and When questions, but very few answer the How and Why questions.

The truth is that answering the How and Why questions takes more work, and very few go the extra mile.

I intend to go that extra mile with Chasing Jeff Bezos.

I would be publishing in-depth guides (think 3000 words and above) on different topics that have to do with setting the right foundational structures for your brand.

This includes adopting the right systems, validating what you are building and engineering marketing and sales. e.tc

Now about the guides. They are not free.

Yes, if you intend to gain access to the guides, you have to pay.

I intend to write at least 2 of these guides monthly.

Each guide would drip not just quality but would come with worksheets and practical ways to implement what you learnt.

Enough of the plain theory that is contained in those ebooks that fill your phone.

Before diving into the pricing, let me state that Chasing Jeff Bezos is not for everyone.

It is strictly for community-driven businesses.

If you are not ready to do some level of community building in the beginning then this program is not for you.

Of course, I will be teaching those interested in how to build a community. (WhatsApp and Twitter Communities for now).

So what is a community-driven business?

It does not matter if you are building an App, an Agency or a physical business.

It always pays to first build interaction with the people that you are building for, this way you know their pain points.

Different brands have used this to achieve massive success

Away – They built a community of Travellers and then launched a quality travelling box. 

Taaoma – The popular Nigerian skit maker, she launched a Food brand after building an Audience.

Day One/Superday – I am building these brands based on the feedback I get from my WhatsApp Community.

All of these brands listed above are profitable or primed for profits (Superday) because the people building them built an Audience first.

Over the past few years, I have taught over 300 people this approach and it has been working for them.

When you solve the pain points of people, you increase your chances of success.

If you are among those people who want to spend months building their App/business offering without talking to a single potential customer, then this program is not for you.

If you are too shy or not a People Person, then this program is not for you.

If you are not willing to learn and create helpful content for a community regularly then this program is not for you.

At this point in my life, I am only interested in working with people who understand that the best way to build for humans is to serve them at one level or the other.

if it is just three people that join this program, I am ready to band together with them and build some of the most helpful products to have ever come out of Nigeria.

I am not here to Sell you or cajole you to join.

I am not here to make it sound like it would be an easy and stress-free process because it won’t be.

You need to show up daily and put in the work.

If it was easy to build, everyone Adult would have a Multi-Million Dollar business.

I will work hard to provide the content, course of action, and other necessary support, but you would still need to take action to see the result

It is very important that you understand what you are signing up for.

Types of brands that can join Chasing Jeff Bezos

Personal Brands

Online School Academy

Business Brand – Digital and Physical

Digital Product

Any type of Online Community ( Free and Paid Access)

Physical Business



Content Curation Platform

Crypto/Blockchain Startup


Some Topics That I would be Creating Guides on

Community/Customer Funding – Investors aren’t the only way

How To Start – Structuring your product well

Discipline – systems that help you show up daily

Sales – Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Sales Pages

Product Design and Growth.


Membership Tiers


One Year Plan

Guides and Worksheets

Access to Private WhatsApp group

Special Call Sessions

Learn From Fellow Builders

45% Affiliate Bonus



Important Note

  1. The guides would be in-depth and come with application two worksheets variants (Personal and Business Brands)
  2. The Affiliate program would serve as an added income stream for you.


Registration For Chasing Jeff Bezos is Currently Closed.

But you can join the Waitlist Group to get Notified Immediately after registration opens again.

👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 Join Waitlist







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