CJB 001: How To Build A Community and Make A Lot Of Money From It.

This is the Premiere post for the Chasing Jeff Bezos program.

The program aims to provide you with systems and structures for creating community-driven products.

There are different approaches that you can use to create a product but at Chasing Jeff Bezos we believe that a community-driven approach is best.

In my post about creating community-driven products, I gave a deep dive into what it takes to create products that would have demand.

That is the core of what we would be doing with the Chasing Jeff Bezos program.

And over 40 people have signed up so far.

And while they are all there to adopt the community approach, I still recognized that their individual needs cannot be met by generalisation.

After doing a survey of the people who joined the program I discovered three distinct groups of people.

This led me to create three guilds that would drive the operations of the program.

These guilds would determine how content would be created, initiatives would be structured and support would be provided.

The three guilds are :

Bezos Guild: This guild is made up of people who had a thriving online community and have also built an income stream , they are also highly skilled and are looking to build a product/platform that would help them extend the value that they can offer to their community.

Ford Guild: This guild is made up of people who have built a career in the professional space (Lawyers, doctors, Fashion Designers etc) and they are seeking ways they can leverage Tech to extend the breadth of the value that they can offer. They would also learn new skills.

Elon Guild: These are people who are still in the process of learning a High-Income skill and are working to build an Audience and income streams.

There is always room for growth within the guild.

Everyone in the Elon and Ford Guild would eventually get to the point where they would get promoted to the Bezos Guild.

But separation is needed at this point so that they would be well provided for at the level where they are present.

Now to the Curriculum for the chasing Jeff Bezos program.

This would drive the content creation process and every activity that has to do with the program

  1. Find a Problem
  2. Tell a Story
  3. Sell a Service – Elon Guild
  4. Borrow Brilliance – Ford Guild
  5. Build a Product – Bezos Guild


This premiere post is about the curriculum so let me break these down and tell you how to use these processes to create something amazing.

And you would see how anyone can make use of these steps and build a profitable brand online, be it around their personal or business brand.


Find  a Problem

The key to achieving success here on Earth is finding problems being faced by people that you can solve.

It does not matter what industry or niche you find yourself in, there are always problems to solve.

I always tell my students that the best kind of products to create are painkillers and not vitamins.

Vitamins are great and we all know they are good for the body, but we rarely take trips to the Pharmacy just to buy Vitamins alone.

Painkillers are great also and we always rush to buy them anytime you feel pain.

Finding problems that people face these days is much easier thanks to the Internet.

In the olden days, you would need to create something (it was mostly vitamins then) that you felt people need and start doing the hard work of convincing them to buy.

Today we have the Internet and different tools have been built that can help you pinpoint the problems that people are facing in your niche.

The first tool that can help you get insights into what people are searching for is AnswerThePublic

It is a paid tool but you can still get significant insights by using the free plan.

All you need to do is to input keywords related to your brand, input your location and you are good to go.


Tell A Story

This simply involves creating content.

I call it a story because the best form of content integrates stories.

No matter what you are trying to sell there is one thing that you need to realize.

No one wakes up in the morning and opens Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp etc to see the latest products to buy.

They are coming for three things.

a) Entertainment

b) Education

c) Information

TikTok has also fueled the rise of Edutainment (Education + Entertainment)

So depending on the type of brand that you are trying to build, you have to find a way to leverage these three things.

If not, you would not be able to get the attention of people.

In this day and age, the first thing that you need to learn how to trade is attention if not people won’t listen to you.

One strategy that you can use to tell better stories online is understanding how platform psychology works.

And this is simply understanding how people behave on social media and tailoring your content strategy to match that.

For example, people rarely click on links that take them outside WhatsApp.

So if you are posting a link on your WhatsApp Status, it is very few people that would click on it to read whatever it is that you are posting.

So you need to first know how to position it so more people would click.

You also need to find a way to present it on WhatsApp so that people who would never click on it would still connect with what you are building.

For example, this guide is quite lengthy, so I would be writing a much shorter Twitter thread on it later.

If I focus on just people who I have been able to win their attention not so many people would not get to learn the lessons shared in this guide.


Sell A Service

One of the points of entry to making money online is by offering a service.

And depending on the monetization system that you set up or is present in the platform where you are operating, you would be able to get some return from the service that you are offering.

Services include teaching, content creation, all forms of design, consulting, developing products e.t.c

I made my first million online through teaching and content creation.

I published content on a platform that has a reward system setup and I also actively built and taught a community there too.

The only thing that you need to earn at this point is to learn a high-income skill.

However, I have also found out that this is not even the real issue that most people have.

You probably already have a skill that you have been learning for a while now.

But you still find yourself struggling to earn from it.

You may have even gone on to add more skills to your portfolio but getting jobs is a huge problem.

There is one thing that you are yet to realize.

You need to give as much focus to what it takes to drive sales as you give to learning that skills.

If you don’t figure out how to earn from one skill, learning three won’t help you.

I made my first million from just one base skill – Content Creation.

I have gone one to learn other skills but the reason is to just increase the breadth of what I have to offer.

What should actually determine the next skills to learn isn’t what looks great to learn.

But the added things that people ask you to do for them after you offer them your first skill.

That way you can be sure that there is a demand for what you are learning.


Borrow Brilliance

There is nothing new under the sun.

And every new thing created is a combination of things that are already existing.

There is one thing that you need to recognise about skills.

There are five major groupings of them, and they are :

Reading – Audio, Video and Text

Writing – Audio, Video and Text

Persuasion – All forms of Sales and Marketing


Computer Programming

I put Audio, Video and Text beside Reading and Writing because some people fail to realize that we all have primary ways we are most comfortable with studying and creating content.

When it comes to learning, you might find yourself struggling with books but learn better with videos.

Or you might be more of an Auditory learner and choose to opt for Podcasts.

The same thing happens with creating content, you might find it easier to create videos than blog posts.

Or find recording podcasts a much better option for you.

No matter your preference, it is important you discover it so that your learning and building journey would be much easier.

So back to borrowing brilliance and with focus on those in traditional careers trying to leverage tech,

You need to realize that there are things that you have learnt that have positioned you to pick up Tech skills faster.

The key is to just find the area where there is an intersection and then build from there.

For example, it is easier for a psychologist to transition to UX Design.

UX Design involves helping a product or platform retain users.

Your skill as a psychologist would help you create better user surveys and you would be best suited to understand their thought process.

As a psychologist, you would also be best suited to communicate the value of your findings to the product team.


Build A Product

This is the ultimate stage that consolidates everything.

There are different ways that you can approach this but there is one underlying thing.

Create something that people want.

The best kind of products in every niche is built by people who have offered services in that niche and have seen what people struggle with the most.

This also applies to professionals.

I will give some examples using brands that are widely known.

After years of working in the hospital and studying traditional pregnancy and childcare methods, Adeloye Olanrewaju and his team created Babymigo.

Babymigo is a digital platform where expectant, pregnant and nursing mothers can connect with their peers and experts as well as find local health and welfare services.

Their platform has helped thousands of mothers globally and Babymigo is recognized by Time Magazine’s 50 Genius Companies of 2018.

Another example is Paystack, the CEO Shola Akinlade spent significant time helping banks set up payment and other types of IT systems.

He saw that there was a huge need in the payment sector that was yet to be filled by banks, this led him to create Paystack which was recently acquired by Stripe for $200 Million.

I can go on to list different products in different industries that were created using this same approach.

Providing service for a particular niche and then going on to create a product that meets more needs of the people that you are serving.

Last month I read the story of a founder who built four different products that failed.

And that was because he was running straight with just ideas and didn’t validate the demand for what he was building.

One of the easiest things to do in this day and age is to build an App or set up a website.

But that does not guarantee that people would need the platform that you are building.

One of the places I have noticed this the most is marketplaces.

There is either demand or supply-based constraint.

Let me give an example.

Let’s say you want to build a platform that people can use to hire Freelancers or Artisans.

Let’s use a field-like Graphics Design for example.

There is an abundance of Graphics Designers currently and you would have few issues getting Graphics designers to signup.

The main issue is getting businesses to use the platform and hire graphics designers.

So in this case there is a demand constraint.

Marketing and growth-related activities for the brand would be focused on getting businesses to adopt the platform.

A great way to start is to look for issues that businesses face with Freelancers and start engineering solutions for them.

There is also the strategy of tapping into online business communities.

Once you find problems and tell the rights stories, you will win.

Guild Zone

Being a premium Chasing Jeff Bezos Member (CJB) would take you beyond the theoretical aspects of this guide and help you with more practical strategies.

So let’s review what you would be getting under the five steps

Find a Problem

I have already talked about using Answer the Public.

Another platform that you can use is Google Trends.

I would be giving a detailed guide to CJB members on how to use these platforms to find what people are searching for.

There are also two other platforms (Free) that I would be teaching them to use.

Tell A Story

I have already talked about Platform Psychology here.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to is how to use Stories to keep people engaged with your content.

I would be giving a guide on how to do this for CJB members.

There are also three other strategies that are important when it comes to creating content for your brand.

And two of them make the sales process easier down the line.

I would be sharing them with CJB Members too.

Sell a Service

I have already talked about the things that you need to look out for when it comes to selling s service.

Another important thing is learning how to create surveys that expose what people need help with the most.

I have been using this strategy for over three years now and it has always helped me with Sales.

I would be giving CJB members a guide on User Surveys.

I would be giving them insights into the different kinds of digital products that they create.

And also how to validate the demand for what they are building.

I sell out digital products before I even start creating them.

If there is no money hitting my account, I don’t even bother.

I sold out the first batch of Chasing Jeff Bezos two weeks ago, but this guide you are reading is the first guide in the series.

Some people spend weeks creating digital products but end up struggling with sales.

Credits alerts should always come first.

Borrow Brillance

Under here I talked about how a psychologist can borrow brilliance to become a UX Designer.

Another professional career move is transitioning from being a Microbiologist to being a Frontend Developer.

Your scientific background makes it easier for you to pick what it takes to build Algorithms.

There are nine other tech Jobs you can easily switch to.

It does not matter if you are a Lawyer, Doctor etc or even people who studied Pure sciences like Mathematics.

CJB members would be getting guides on how they can port to tech in an easier manner.

Build a Product

I gave examples of products like Babymigo and Paystack.

Flutterwave is another product that was birthed using the Borrowing Brilliance approach.

Join CJB for a guide on the types of different products to build and how to extend service to a product.

And also how to create an Affiliate system (over 60% of my sales last year were from Affiliates).

There are other community-driven growth strategies that I would be talking about if Affiliates are not a fit for your product.


How Do I Join Chasing Jeff Bezos ?

My goal for this program is not to drive as many sales as possible.

My goal is to help every single person who joins get the value they seek.

I am sure that you have joined online courses/programs where the creator leaves you to figure out other things on your own.

Well, this one is different.

For a start, I gave CJB a free class on how to set up a proper daily routine.

If you don’t have a proper daily routine it would be hard to properly apply what you are learning.

So if you believe that a program like this is a great fit for you.

One that is more focused on your growth than what the creator can earn from marketing aggressively.

In fact, this program is not for everyone.

Also, I have paused New Signups for now.

But you can get instant Notification once it opens again by joining the Waitlist.

You can read full details about CJB and join the waitlist with the link below (the waitlist link is at the end of the article)

👉🏽👉🏽On Chasing Jeff Bezos: The Content and Community That You Need to Grow Your Brand.👈🏽👈🏽

Also, I only admit a maximum of 10 people at a time.

This is to ensure I admit a number of people I can give a proper onboarding each time.

See you Inside.

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